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Measuring Length and Area

Electricity 1

Separation of Mixtures


Diversity of Animals & Plants

Electricity 2

Elements Compounds & Mixtures

Atoms Molecules & Ions

Ecology 1

Measuring Volume Mass Density

Acid and Alkalis

Ecology 2

Nutrition in Plants

Changes in Matter

Measuring Length and Area

Energy Forms and Conversion

Measuring Time Rate and Speed

Nutrition in Humans

Solutions and Suspensions

Particulate Model of Matter



CoolScience® is leading a collection of interactive simulations to help promote scientific inquiry in learners at primary and secondary levels.

It features a comprehensive array of interactive capabilities that help educator be a champion of inquiry in the classroom by promoting up to Level 4 inquiry !

Interactive N(T) Science Resources


amBook is an award-winning INTERACTIVE BOOK for Primary & Secondary school students who HATE SCIENCE and promises to change the way they view the subject.

amBook is also available in Chinese Language. Talk to us for more details.

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The Bootonics Race

Learning trail iPad App


If you are a school or organization interested to co-develop this kind of app for mobile devices, do give us a call.

Origin of Ancients & Origin of Nations

Highly engaging multi-player realtime simulation game

Enrich the learning experience of your students in the lower secondary humanities with Amdon's Origin series. Origins is a two-part learning game dealing with aspects of human geography and ancient history to complement course content and promote deeper student inquiry.

Origin of Ancients

Features include in Origion of Ancients:

* Real time decision making and planning.

* Terrain conditions that affect travel, soil fecundity, population growth and more.

* Proximity building system simulating natural settlement expansion.

* Teacher configurable weather cycle using the monsoon concept.

* Skill acquisition system allows variety in roleplay.

Intra-team cooperation supported through in-game chat and resource transferring.

* Inter-team competition through the independent achievement of objectives and  prosperity in a given time.

* Teacher-friendly controls allows teachers to focus on class management.

Origin of Nations

Features include in Origion of Nations:

* Carefully planned game mechanic and verisimilitude, approximating real world complexities and historical parallels.

* Distribution of responsibilities between players creates interesting dynamics.

* Configurable options allow for greater replay value Eg. Two modes of play:

* Conquest style and Power Play

* Scaleable multiplayer support.

* Adaptable for class sizes with one student per terminal or sharing of terminals.


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Study of Plant Biology

Plantwerkz is but one of many research works undertaken by Simulons, friendly beings whose passion for learning compel them to model the things they encounter into simulations. Simulons endeavour to advance their understanding of all things and are keen to share their findings with fellow seekers of  knowledge.


In its current iteration, the Plantwerkz plant is nowhere close to representing an Earth plant in real life, whose small size belies a complexity that Simulonian technology is yet to emulate. The Simulons value your input. Every session of Plantwerkz gives feedback that will help improve it.

Covers these topics in a fun, engaging way:   Photosynthesis , Fate of Glucose, Plant Adaptation, Flowering & Fruiting.


Lets you exercise real-time planning and decision-making in a changing environment. Observe how your actions shape the

outcome of your plant.


Vibrant 3D game graphics and animation, rendered in loving detail with the Torque3D game engine. Rich sound and rousing scores that change with the seasons. Immersive gameplay with difficulty that scales to the number of players.


Experience the joys of learning through cooperative play (up to three players) over a local area network (L.A.N.) or the Internet. Or play solo. Supports in-game messaging for team discussion.



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Cyber wellness, Cyber safety and cyber security

Cyberonia is a new virtual word name where kids will be engaged by self directed learning through play, how to handle the many facets of cyber wellness, cyber safety and cyber security.


Create your own avatar, start exploring and building your own district. Be careful how you manage your people and the resource of your land. Watch out for tests and challenges that come your way. The better you handle your people, resources and challenges, the more credits you get to build your dreams.

Check how your friends are doing, call for joint projects to build mega monuments. Students of the same school will combine forces to create their own city and see how your school compares to others!



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Gut feel

Learning Digestive System

Promoting 21st Century Skills

The multi-player nature of the game is designed to help the educator integrate the training of 21st Century Skills into the core curriculum through:


Collaborative learning - Players need to work as a team

to ensure optimised digestion and ingestion.


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving - Players analyse

data presented and make important decisions during the game-play to plan and operate a nutritional plan for George.


Life Skills Training - Players learn to be flexible as they take the initiative to control the operation of the different parts of the digestive system. They also learn to be responsible and accountable to the team for the decisions they make.


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Learning Cells

Welcome to the wonderful world of Paralife, a fun and educational game that helps players learn about cell characteristics and functions at Primary Science level. Paralife is designed specifically for the classroom setting, and comes with helpful analytical tools for teachers.




Developed on an inquiry-based pedagogical framework, Paralife is designed with the intent to help learners achieve the necessary learning outcomes stipulated in the syllabus while playing a game. Thus, Paralife provides a competitive and cooperative environment where teams of up to 32 players (4 players per team) use their understanding of cellular processes to form tissues from cells. Learn what it takes to run both plant & animal cells. Produce proteins to replicate; assist teammates by performing glucose transfer or find out how to deal with invader cells or toxic cells. 16 exciting stages of challenge await!



Environmental Sciences Thematic Multi-user Game

A whole new educational experience will unfold with Metropolis. This premier multi-user game features higher learning that reflects Ministry of Education’s vision of "Thinking Schools, Learning Nation".


Metropolis will be bustling with learning experiences. Metropolis, Singapore’s first ever multi-user interactive game focuses on pedagogy as much as entertainment surrounding our Environmental Issues. During this game, players are tasked to make responsible decisions as the mayor of their towns to structure and maintain their towns through the occurrence of inevitable tragedies, which include the threat of Dengue Fever, SARS, Bird Flu, Food Poisoning, etc. The decisions made by the groups will affect the quality of the environment, population of their town, income generated, as well as the neighboring towns (managed by other groups).