Amdon Consulting Group is the region’s leading provider of interactive content and inquiry-based pedagogical resources, especially in the fields of Science and Technology.  Since its establishment in 1999, it has developed numerous teaching resources and implemented training programmes for more than 50,000 students and professionals internationally


Amdon’s Vision: Making Learning Desirable



We want to learn things that are relevant to us.  Meaning / Relevance  thus defines the reason for learning — It is thus CENTRAL to engaging the student.  Amdon was established with the main aim to make all children WANT to learn.


Our premise for this mission is that all learners deserve to be engaged and current learning resources do not do a good enough job at getting them to want to learn, mainly because they do not focus on making any given concept meaningful and relevant to the learner — our work such as amBook® seeks to change all that.



How do we do it?

Educational Software Development

In our push towards helping students be active learners and teachers be skilled at the craft of inquiry-based teaching, we have developed several interactive courseware and apps for the computer and tablet devices.  These award-winning  'Ed-Apps' have been used by more than 200,000 students worldwide since 2011.

Latest applications developed by amdon

ScienceWerkz  ebooks


N(T) Science Resources





GAMES for Learning

Games are powerful tools for lifelong learning, especially so in the classroom.  Since 2008, we collaborated with the Ministry of Education (Singapore), the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), leading schools in Singapore and worldwide to develop some of the most engaging multiplayer games for teachers to deploy as effective teaching resources in and outside of the classroom.


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games for multitouch table

More Game titles  conceptualized and developed by amdon

PLANT WERKZ : 3D Multiplayer Game

 You can play a Plantwerkz scenario with up to two of your friends as a team. You can do so through a Local Area Network (L.A.N.) or over the Internet. One of you will have to host the game, with the other two joining in.

Cyberonia Features a learning solution that promoted the 5Es: Engagement, Exploration, Explaination, Eleboration and Evaluation.

Cyberonia is available online at

These are series of games developed for multi-touch table.

Education Services

We are among the first few companies in Singapore to pioneer Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences enrichment in more than 100 local schools and is still, by far the most successful player in this segment of the Education industry.

Professional Services

Teachers play a key role in ensuring that our students love what they need to learn and apply what they have learned in school.  So we work with teachers worldwide to conduct professional development activities in inquiry-based learning, formative assessment, games for learning and using technology to promote applied learning in and outside of the classroom.  Since 2001, we have shared our experience and expertise with more than 20,000 teachers worldwide, and we are still doing that today!


Do you have an idea for a book that will impact a student's life significantly?  Can you book be made to come alive with interactive technologies?  If the answers to both questions are 'yes', we may be the partner for you in this endeavor!

We have partnered some of the leading learning resource and textbook authors in Singapore and the USA to create high impact textbooks, workbooks, guidebooks and teaching guides for students and educators worldwide.



Our Internationalization Experience

Our Experience











Amdon was invited by the Ministry of Education (Singapore) to present strategies on Inquiry-based learning to more than 200 teachers.

Amdon presented a paper on Inquiry-based learning as the means to help the educator Teach Less; and the learner Learn More (TLLM) at the ‘Rethinking Pedagogy and Practice’ Conference organized by the Centre for Research in Pedagogy and Practice (NIE).  In that conference, we shared how the vision of TLLM can be achieved through the integration of the 16 Habits of Mind (Costa & Kallick, 2000) and the 6 Facets of Understanding (Wiggins & Mctighe, 1999) into a curriculum that TEACHES THE CHILD AND NOT THE SUBJECT.

Amdon was appointed by the Ministry of Education (Malaysia) to head a team to pilot the effectiveness of an interactive whiteboard learning system in two schools in a regional country.  In this project, he designed the parameters of the assessment and implemented it in the schools as part of a 3-month study.

Amdon was invited to pilot its interactive courseware in Science, Mathematics and English in a middle school in Qatar.  As part of this project, Amdon supplied the relevant courseware for 200 students and teachers to use with the tablet PC.  Amdon was also tasked to undertake a detailed pilot study of the effectiveness of the tablet PC with its courseware in improving the teacher and learning experience in the classroom.

Amdon and its partner schools in Singapore presented 3 papers in the APERA International Conference (Hong Kong SAR) featuring the application of our Inquiry-based pedagogical framework and interactive courseware (CoolScience!®) in the teaching of Science and technology in Primary and Secondary Schools using the i-Board® Learning System.

A follow-up consultancy after the completion of the IBL workshop, Amdon co-developed IBL teaching resources (using ICT tools) with teachers from Siglap Secondary school.

Amdon led an effort to offer a series of multi-user serious gaming experiences for learners in the primary and secondary levels, in collaboration with local schools and the Ministry of Education (Singapore).

Amdon became an instrumental partner for Future School Project @ Crescent Girls’ School under the initiative of IDA & MOE (Singapore) to develop Digital Interactive Textbook and Multi-touch Games.

Amdon was commissioned by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) of Singapore to develop a multiplay online game to teach primary level students cyberwellness.  The game has since been played by more than 30,000 students in Singapore and Australia.

Amdon was the sole content provider for NGIT (Next Generation Interactive Textbook) Project by MOE (Singapore).

Amdon's flagship interactive textbook, amBook went on to win several awards worldwide such as the BESSIE 2011 and Singapore Prestige Brands Award (Promising Brand) in 2012.

Amdon created PageWerkz, an interactive workbook platform for the PC, Mac and tablet devices.  Amdon was also commissioned the University of Missouri and SmartyAnts, a leading elearning company in the US to develop content and technology solutions for interactive learning in and outside of the classroom.